About Us


A Little About Us: We're the Fairheads. Me (Jason), Josephine, Madelyn, and my wife Mary Jo. Our daughters Joey and Maddie are the light of our lives.  They get a lot from me like their inability to jump or dance.  But, they're brilliant and funny like their mother.  We don't know where they picked up the sarcasm and incapacity for a nap.  We're sure though it didn't come from us.

Mary Jo is an educator.  She's taught and mentored all ages along with having been a school principal.  She's rarely outsmarted but is nearly always caught off guard by my rugged good looks.  

Both Mary Jo and I come from ranching families dating back to the late 1800's with the homestead act.  Although I had been actively ranching since my 20's, 4 years ago we sold all our cattle.  We knew eventually we'd be back, but we weren't happy with how one sided the industry is. After starting and selling a new business, we've come right back to where our passions lie.  

About the Ranch: Our ranch lies in the Sandhills on the state line between South Dakota and Nebraska.  

It's a paradise of grass covered hills and meadows.  The soil here is, as the name would suggest, sand.  But the Sandhills sit atop the Ogallala Aquifer, and act as a 20,000 square mile filter for the water beneath. Natural springs are nearly everywhere you look and provide enough clean and pure water for the wildlife and livestock.  Creeks flow through meadow valleys, where the grass grows past 6' tall at times.  The only sign of people are an occasional windmill or a rusty barbed wire fence.  It's an easy place to love and easier yet to want to protect. 

What We Do and Why: I want my family to eat the most healthy, nutritious, and delicious beef out there and I assume you do too. That's why our beef is hormone, chemical, antibiotic free, grassfed and finished, and humanely treated.

There are obvious things about buying conventional beef that are concerning.  Like the confusing and misleading labels. They lack information, they use deceiving wording, and if you want to know more, forget it. 

One of the biggest issues with beef is what it's fed.  Corn, soy, grains, and/or byproducts simply aren't natural to cattle.  They aren't able to break it down without causing serious damage to their bodies.  Lesions and abscesses form on vital organs when cattle are finished on grain, and that fact is ignored.  Also, the vast majority of grains have been produced with the aid of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and whatever else.  Now we're talking about autoimmune diseases, and that's a deep topic... Google it.  

I'm not about to say there isn't some need for finishing cattle on grains.  It's economical and easy.  It can be done anywhere and any time of year.  It serves a purpose.  But it's not the best it could be. 

We take a lot of pride in what we do.  Our standards for producing beef are extremely high, taking a lot of time and special care.  We continue to seek new information and practices to improve our operation.  After all, this isn't just for us, but for the herd, the earth, and you.

This is more than just a business to us, it's a movement, it's essential, and it's our way of life.